Pile of many clothes and a nothing to wear top.

Consultation: Your first step towards a new style. Meet me one-on-one in the comfort of your home or via Skype. Allow me to introduce myself and answer all of your questions. Together, we will identify your wants, needs and style goals, and I can recommend the best (and most affordable) plan of action for you.

The Curated Closet: Are mornings in your closet your least favorite time of day? Then this is the package for you! Brave the deepest depths of your closet with me and discover what stylish gems already lie inside. Starting with the Initial Consultation, I will analyze your individual style needs. I will then pinpoint what is already at your fingertips (you may be surprised) as well as offer expert advice on how to utilize your closet for maximum use and space.


Personal Shopping: Do you despise going to the stores? Don’t have the time or patience? Let me do it for you. I will do all the legwork to pull clothes from multiple stores and bring them to you. Try items on in the comfort of your home and allow me to help you make the best decisions and integrate your new purchases into your existing wardrobe.

Virtual Shop & Style: Ready to make style changes, but don’t have the time to get started? Have an idea of what you need but are overwhelmed with all the available options? Discover the best cyberspace has to offer without breaking the bank. I will pinpoint and style the best pieces for your individual figure/physique, lifestyle, and budget to build you the wardrobe you’ve always wanted.

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Style Development: As your Personal Stylist, I work with you over the course of 21 days to define your unique, tailored style and bring out the best you. After working with me, you will feel a new sense of confidence in your appearance, enjoyment of your new stylish wardrobe and you will look forward to getting dressed each day.

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*Services are by appointment only*