My Skin Care Regimen

Hey Fashionistas,

On my last post, I shared with you Paloma Elsesser’s guide to glowing skin with makeup. Well, to have skin that is glowing you need to start with a great foundation and to do so, you must develop a good skincare regimen. Today I will show you how my skin went from Blah to Damn Gina.

“Having a good skincare regimen underneath it all is imperative.” – Michaela

Winter is just around the corner and with that comes drier air that sucks the life out of your skin. During the colder months, my face would encounter break-out after break-out, dullness, and extreme dryness. I have sensitive combination skin, and after years of product testing, I finally found a regimen that not only worked during the winter months but all year round. Hopefully, it will work for you as well.

ItWorks Cleanser, Toner, and Exfoliator


For two years I have been using these products, and they have yet to fail me. I use the cleanser at morning and night squeezing a small amount in the palm of my hands with cold water I massage it gently into my face. Afterwards, I spray the toner which has helped a great deal with evening out my complexion. I also exfoliate once a week (on Sunday) to rid my face of dead skin. It comes with a dropper, so I squeeze 2-3 drops on damp skin, and I usually let it sit for 20-30 minutes.

ItWorks Facial


One word AMAZING! I use this facial 1-2 times per month, and it has my skin glowing and feeling like silk. I cleanse my face first with the cleanser, and I then proceed to apply the lotion side of the facial all over my face and leave it on for an hour. I’ve been using this product for two years as well, and it was my first facial I ever used, and I’m never going to cheat.

The Lip Scrub Crème Brûlée Lip Exfoliator


As with my skin exfoliator, I use this once a week as well. I massage a generous amount (and I do mean generous) onto my lips using a firm, circular motion. I then let it sit for 10 minutes and wipe away with a wet cloth.

KNC Beauty All Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask


Recently added to my regimen after months of wanting to try I stumbled upon this in urban outfitters. I’m so glad I did because this mask has done wonders for my lips. I went from dry, cracky, peeling lips to smooth, shiny, and moist. I use this product every week as well.

From this list, I hope that you all take the time and try each product out for yourselves. I would love to see your results. Here’s to Glowing Skin!

Giving You Real, Raw, and Unfiltered Photos Below


Before I started using these products


After I started using these products





Stay stylish,





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