Zara Haul

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With Fall being 37 days away (Yes I’m Counting) I have decided that now is the best time for me to start analyzing my fall wardrobe. I’ve decided to take a different approach when shopping I now choose classic pieces instead of solely buying trendy items. I’m a stylist, so of course, I like to do a closet audit every season. My goal is to have a well-curated wardrobe that will last me for decades to come. Last year I went overcoat crazy, but this year I want to focus on shoes. Specifically, shoes that will make the most basic outfit pop (it’s all about balance). I believe that you should invest in three things: handbags, shoes, and skin care will all pull a look together. Now on to the fun part.

First, stop Zara.

I love what others consider “ugly shoes” I see beauty in things that may be unattractive yet attractive to the eye. Call me eccentric, call me crazy, but these shoes are not only eye catching you can pick them up at a great price especially if you’re on a budget. Here’s what I ordered below:

IMG_7092Zara Mule Loafers $35.90 

IMG_7071Zara Feather Mule Loafers $59.90


What are your Fall staples and what will you be adding to your wardrobe this Fall? I’d love to see pictures of items. Check me out on Instagram @michaelajohnsonstylist

Stylishly yours,



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