E-commerce vs. Brick-and-motor, We Wear Culture and Trends to Try Now

Will brick-and-motor be obsolete within the next decade?

As retail outlook dims, mall tenants are pushing for shorter leases. Contracts have dropped from 5-10 years to 1-2 years, and with over a dozen bankruptcies to date and a projected nine to ten thousand stores to close this year, it seems like the best option is to now run your business online.

rossevelt-field-mall.jpgRossevelt Field Mall East Garden City, New York

Google digitalises fashion with its new app

Google arts and culture rolled out We Wear Culture which is a digital reference tool which uses information from all over the world. It is a great way for students and fashion enthusiasts to experience parts of fashion and the world that they may not have access too. After playing around with it over the weekend, I found it to be a great source of inspiration especially when you may not have the resources at your current disposal.

screen-shot-2017-06-09-at-2-43-15-pm-e1497034098906.pngFind We Wear Culture  here

Things to try now

Adding Blush into your wardrobe
Blush is the new nude, and you can pair it with any color. A great wardrobe staple to add to your closet that is classic and will hold longevity.

IMG_5567.JPGMood Board via styledbymichaela.com

Waisted Belts
From bold to delicate cinched garments will create an hourglass shape that will accentuate your curves or give you the appearance of having curves when done right.

IMG_5571.JPGFrom Left to Right: Les Copains, Alberta Ferretti, and Balmain

Off the shoulder
Bare naked collars what more can I say?

IMG_5572.JPGFrom Left to Right: Margaret Howell, Self Portrait, and Carolina Herrera

Mock Dress 1.001.jpegImages via styledbymichaela.com

Asymmetrical Cocktails
More romantic yet seductive, thigh-high slit gowns that will help you to stand out in the crowd at events.

IMG_5565From Left to Right: Ermanno Scervino, Carolina Herrera, and Brandon Maxwell




Remember don’t follow trends but take the ones you love and mix them to create your unique style.

Stay Stylish!



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