Four Guidelines To Consider When Shopping Trends

If you’re like me, you probably prefer adding pieces every season as opposed to revamping your entire wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong I fall in love with some trends, but I keep the purchasing of these trendy items to a minimum. When selecting add-on pieces always follow these guidelines, and you will be sure to have a functional yet stylish wardrobe:

  1. Silhouette: What is the garment overall shape? Does it suit your body type? How well does it drape over your body? Will you need alterations?
  2. Quality: How does the material feel against your skin? Will it withstand the test of time? Or will you have to trash it after a few washes?
  3. Lifestyle: Does the item fit your everyday lifestyle? Is it comfortable?
  4. Cost-per-wear: Cost of the item / number of times it has been worn = cost-per-wear.

Evaluating your current closet regarding these guidelines is the first step to improving your sartorial investment skills. Happy Shopping!



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