Spring/Summer Trend Reference

2017 NYFW starts in a few days but before I start giving you the 411 on what to wear this upcoming Fall/Winter I wanted to give you a guide to the Spring/Summer Trends that your favorite style guru might be rocking this season. From updated men’s shirts to corset tops there is a style that you will find easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Stylishly yours,


2017 Spring:Summer Trends.002.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.003.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.004.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.005.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.006.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.007.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.008.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.009.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.010.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.011.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.012.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.013.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.014.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.015.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.016.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.017.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.018.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.019.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.020.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.021.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.023.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.024.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.025.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.026.jpeg

2017 Spring:Summer Trends.027.jpeg2017 Spring:Summer Trends.028.jpeg


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